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    Views: 16423 | Added by: Samson | Date: 12.06.2010 | Comments (1)

    Several years ago, first visited the Armenian church in Brussels, I was very shocked to find diligently praying Kurds. Many Kurds, and yes even speaking the Kurdish language, it was in the courtyard of the church built by all the canons of the Armenian temple architecture. To my surprise friends said that it was a long and sad story, but for me to understand what was happening, they introduced me to several of these "Kurdish".

    The story of my new friends "Kurd" was striking, and very clearly reminded me of the documentary footage of Western Armenia: torn, empty, bloodstained. Before his eyes swept paintings ruthlessly destroyed scimitar peaceful Armenians. But I saw and survivors of the Turkish atrocities: the Armenians, who were lucky enough to survive surrounded by enemies and keep in secret from those around her Armenian "I". And all this in terms that prohibit them speak the Armenian language, profess the Armenian Christian faith.
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    Views: 3304 | Added by: Samson | Date: 11.06.2010 | Comments (2)

    YEREVAN, June 1 - News-Armenia. For the first time in the Children's Day in Armenia under the slogan "My first win" competition was for the youngest children aged from zero to 2.5 years. 

    "Kids this age are usually present at the events in connection with the Children's Day, but do not take active part in them, and therefore, we decided to arrange for them unprecedented event", - said representative of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Armenia Leili Moshiri Tuesday during the event. 

    As part of activities for children provides a number of competitions in which kids in particular will have to crawl or run (depending on age) for the special track, and with the help of parents to collect on parts of ... Read more »
    Views: 13170 | Added by: Samson | Date: 11.06.2010 | Comments (2)

    In 2009. in Armenia, 44,999 children were born. During this period, there were 18,765 marriages and 3,013 divorces, 14,165 cases of recognition of paternity and 131 cases of adoption. The number of deaths was 27,268. 

    In 2008. RA was born in 41,406 children were registered 18,236 cases of marriage and 3,192 cases divorce. 13,257 people admitted his paternity, 180 children were adopted. The number of deaths was 27,281. 

    In 2007. in the republic was born 40,844 children were registered 18,144 marriages and 3,083 divorce. 13,158 people admitted paternity, 187 children were adopted. The number of deaths was 26,827. 

    Thus, the birth rate in Armenia has increased parallel reduction in mortality. This was reported in the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.
    Views: 2678 | Added by: Samson | Date: 11.06.2010 | Comments (2)

    Members of the National Assembly of Armenia at the meeting on Monday made the first reading of amendments to the Family Code of the country, whtightened the procedure for granting permission to adopt children from the Armenian diaspora. 

    "Under the proposed government amendments to the Family Code, the condition for obtaining government approval for adoption applies to the Armenian citizens residing abroad", - said Deputy Justice Minister of Armenia Gevorg Malkhasyan. 

    He recalled that the adoption of Armenian children by foreigners agrees Government. In this adopted alien child, as recalled Malkhasyan, loses the citizenship of Armenia. 

    He added that the 30-35 year children in Armenia are adopted by foreigners who are taking those children who are not willing to take on education were Armenian citizens. Basically, as he explained, is the ... Read more »
    Views: 24169 | Added by: Samson | Date: 11.06.2010 | Comments (1)